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DNP CX 330 DAA retransfer card printer

DNP CX330 DAA Retransfer card printer

DNP CX 330 DAA is a retransfer, dual side, color card printer. Re-transfer printing technology is clinching a leadoff position in cards market.

DNP CS-330 DAA has a “K” erasing system to delete any trace from used retransfer film. It has a Ethernet interface to print safe datas coming from databases on the net. It can be bundled with a CF-AT10 module.

It has a Ethernet IP interface to encode datas coming from remote databases, linked by the net. DNP Cx 330 can be bundled with CF-AT10 module and it is connected to CL-500D laminator module, that allows to print and encode magnetic stripe, chip, RFID cards.


Technical details

– Dual side retransfer printing

– High quality also on smartcards and RFID cards

– High quality on every plastic device (PVC, PVH, ABS, PET, Policarbonate)

– Printing speed YMCK+O 125 cards/h

– Feeder  300 cards 0,76

– Output tray 100 cards 0,76

– Ribbons “extra-long” 1000 cards (YMCK, YMCKK)

– Can be programmed from display LCD

– SMP Status Monitor Program

– Interface USB 2.0 & Ethernet 100Base-TX, 10Base-T- IPSec Protocol

– S.E. Security Erase to not leave tracks on ribbons

– UV ribbons

– Data compression to fast printing

– RoHS standard

– MTBF 13’000 hours

– Software card Five Classic included

– 1 year warranty