Chip card. Smart card sle 66cx322p con chip originale Infineon.

16-Bit Security Controller

with Memory Management and Protection Unit

in 0.22 μm CMOS Technology

136-Kbytes ROM, 5052 bytes RAM, 32-Kbytes EEPROM

1100-Bit Advanced Crypto Engine

112-Bit / 192-Bit DDES-EC2 Accelerator


Caratteristiche tecniche

134 Kbytes User ROM for application
· Additional 2 Kbytes reserved ROM for
Resource Management System (RMS+
Superslim) with intelligent E² write/erase
· 32 Kbytes Superslim-EEPROM
· 4Kbytes XRAM, 256 bytes internal RAM,
700 bytes Crypto RAM.
· Memory Management and Protection
Unit (MMU)
· Dual Key Triple DES (DDES) and EC2
GF (2n) Accelerator
· Advanced Crypto Engine for up to 2048
bit RSA computation
· Certified RSA 2048 library available
(refer to product brief)
· CRC Module
· Interrupt Module
· PLL up to 15 MHz
· Two 16-bit Autoreload Timer

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