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Logon PCR300 reader RFID Usb

PCR300 reader RFID Usb
POS Logon PCR300 is a POS  logon & security system. It is required to identify the operator via RFID card. It reads IDs of operators to grant them access. PCR 300 is the right reader to enhance security.
Technical details
* Read RFID Proximity card (PCR300U/R)
* Read Mifare card (PCR300MU/MR)
* POS system logon/logoff key
* Verify the ID code for the system operator identification
* Small outline and elegant design
* Cradle slot design to accept RFID card for the application as below:
– System is workable when the registered card is sitting in the cradle slot – Unlocked
– System is not workable when the registered card is removed from the cradle slot – Locked
* Power requirement : 5 VDC , 200 mA
* Interface
– USB version – PCR300U, PCR300MU
– RS-232 version – PCR300R, PCR300MR
* Baud rate 9600 , None parity , 8 data bits , 1 stop bit
* Proximity card dimension : 86 x 55 x 2 mm maximum
* Dimensions: W 65 x L 100 x D 23 mm
* Operating Temperature – 0 ~ + 55 Deg. C

1.POS system operator identification
2.System logon/logoff key
3.System password entry
4.System security
5.POS terminals at store checkout-Clerk identification
6.System security management

Versions available:

PCR300U – USB interface, 125Khz
PCR300R – RS-232 interface,125Khz

PCR300MU – USB interface, 13.56Mhz ( Mifare card version)
PCR300MR – RS-232 interface, 13.56Mhz (Mifare card version)