Cardnology supplies plastic cards, cards printers and printing service. Main plastic cards are:

  1. Blank cards. They do not have any tecnology, so they cannot store data.
  2. Magnetic stripe cards.  They are the most common type, they are cheap but they can store data.
  3. Smartcards (or chip cards). They have an external chip.
  4. Contactless RFID cards. They have an internal chip that can be read only by radio signal. They are the most secure.

Standard plastic cards dimension are 86×54 mm, while the thickness can change in a 0,4 – 0,76 mm range. We supply even not standard and multiple tecnology cards.

The most common material is PVC, that can be shiny or opaque. PVC is a very flexible and resistant material. Other materials are PET, PET-G, polystyrene and wood.