We supply software and hardware solutions for access control and presence surveyors. They can be applied to gates, doors, barriers, turnstyle. The softwares can monitor every access of every person, and they can grant allowed access related to time, PIN code, etc. Every function is simply editable,


Presence surveyors

Our presence surveyors allow company to monitor and count access time of every worker. In this way it can be very easy calculate week or month totals. Among functions:

  • More different surveyors for every door (if required)
  • Customized access badge
  • Manual download of datas for single or total doors
  • Automatic download of presences


Access control

Configuration and profile assignment

  • Access profiles based on time and calendars. Profiles trees very easy to configure.
  • Users list, visitors list, vehicles list. In every list you can insert more profiles.
  • List import (file .txt)
  • Single terminal level configuration


More functions

  • Data capture time range
  • Data storage time range. At the end of this time every data is exported to file to save space.
  • Default configuration to easily start to work.
  • Reports and stats

Communications mode

Communication between hardware and software can be based on many protocols: RS232, RS485, Modem, ethernet LAN. LAN connection is always the easiest, because it allows to manage system from every PC connected to the LAN.